Hello, I'm LaNia Bond. A designer residing here in Chicago. I consider myself a hybrid of various aspects of design. Whether it be print, web, photography, or video - I love to do it all!
Web Development

Being self-taught in HTML5 and CSS3 is an essential skill. In today's era, everything is digital. You have to learn the rules to the game if you want to play.

Logo & Identity

A logo and brand identity is a calling card for a business. As an artist, you design to incite remembrance for the consumer to return.

Graphics Design

Collaboration with team members, art directors, and creative directors is a must these days. In the world of design, everyone's idea is welcomed to complete a project.

App Development

User interface and user experience is now the wave of the future. Sketching and wireframing for mobile applications is in high demand these days. Have to think through your fingers.

Social Marketing

Practically anything you seek is online. Projects for websites, email marketing, social media, and mobile apps are currently a graphic designer's best friend.

Content Creation

As long as you can emotionally relate to people, the content on any marketing can reach all audience. A sense of empathy is an essential skill in graphic design.